Friday, 25 November 2011

The scratched Door...openth with wrath

Devilcat here, Human female is unwell, she left for work and then, much to our amazement ventured back home to us and came and had a cuddle with me and my son. I love human female so much. I don't like to see her poorly so I make sure I curl up near her feet or near her computer when shes busy typing away my thoughts. Onyxia, however as little regard for my humans fraility and instead scratched at the door at regular intervals through the night and in doing so woke her up constantly. I however, and son, were lying on our blankies in the kitchen. Mummy knew it wasn't us, its always Ony. In the morning when they alarm bell went off, Ony ran into the room as soon as the humans had opened the door and female human had a few choice words to say to her. I could tell they were not nice noises. She never learns. She will probably do it again tonight.

Anyway, its raining so I'm going to lick the rain from the open kitchen window and then probably snooze with the son. I love it that his so fat, his warm to snuzzle against.

Any ways my friends on twitter, hope you enjoyed reading this and any new followers will always get a mention xxxxx

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