Sunday, 30 October 2011

Yoshi -The stray

Hya- Ony here. Yoshi appeared on the scene about 4 months ago. His a black cat with a very angular face and was at the time very thin. He was clever, he saw my male human open his car door and decided to jump in and make himself comfortable out of the cold. The thing was he eventually had to get out and male human was worried about the little fellow. A quick conversation with female human left Yoshi to be brought into Bromford court and we shared our lives with him for a round a week. Meanwhile female human tried to ring around to see if his humans could be located and called the cats protection league. Sadly they could not house him. He escaped after a week but still comes back for feeds. Devil hates him, its a male alpha thing I guess.

Heres some pictures of him ;) 

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